Step 1
Just like when you search on Google, our used car trade-in tool begins to populate options in a drop-down menu. As you type the year, make, model and trim of your current vehicle, the options begin to get smaller and smaller until you have typed in your exact vehicle. Once you select your car for trade in, the tool will present a few more options to get as close as possible to what you are trading so we can present what is also for sale in the used car market. 

Step 2
Next you are presented with the Used Car Market Report. This uses real used car values of local pre-owned cars for sale by other franchised dealers within a radius of your zip code. Simply enter your mileage and the report will adjust according to the data you have entered. This reduces the anxiety some have not knowing if you are getting a good value for your trade. 

Step 3
If you feel that the market values are close to what you are comfortable trading in your car for, then simply schedule an in person appraisal with one of our local dealerships near you. In the contact form, select a date and time, as well as your state and the nearest dealership. Lastly, fill in your contact information and a representative will contact you.