Larry H. Miller Dealerships collects, receives, maintains, and uses Personal Information about you based on your specific transactions and interactions with the Dealership for the following business purposes:

  1. To process and submit financing applications, including to apply for credit, lease or credit pre-qualification;
  2. For security, verification of identity and insurance purposes, a copy of the driver's license, or other government ID, is obtained to permit a customer to test drive a vehicle and confirm identity.
  3. To process, complete, and maintain records on transactions including vehicle purchase, service, products, parts or accessories;
  4. To provide complete warranty coverage on vehicles, products, parts, service, and accessories;
  5. We retain your selection for Text opt in/opt out to ensure customers who opted out are not sent any text messages;
  6. To provide and communicate recall notifications to customers;
  7. To reserve a vehicle that a customer expressed interest in and requested that it be reserved;
  8. To schedule, manage and keep track of customer appointments;
  9. To complete a vehicle appraisal; a trade registration is obtained to verify ownership of trade-in.
  10. To maintain records of when customers decline a service or sale;
  11. To respond to consumer inquiries, including vehicle interest, request for information, Customer Support online, phone calls, and in-store inquiries;
  12. To provide interest-based advertising and improve user experience on our website; and
  13. To understand the demographics of our website visitors

The Dealership collects, receives, and maintains the following categories of your Personal Information for the above business purposes as referenced by number:


Scenarios in which info is collected


Business Purpose

Personal Identifiers

When you submit a request for credit information or credit score online or in store

Name, alias, address, email address, social security number

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Protected Classifications

When you submit a request for information related to gender, or indicate English is not your preferred language

Gender, language

1, 3, 4, 11, 12

Commercial Data

Any purchase or request for credit approval

Records of products or services provided, purchasing history

1, 3

Biometric Data

When you call a store, we may record the conversation for training or quality assurance purposes

Voice recordings


Internet Activity

Whenever you navigate, access or use any of our websites via computer or mobile device

IP Address, browsing history, search history, type of browser used, cookies, device used to access the site, domain name from which our site was accessed

12, 13

Geolocation Data

When you create an account on our website

IP address

11, 12, 13

Mobile Device Data

Whenever you navigate, access or use any of our websites via computer or mobile device

Device type, software type

12, 13

Financial / Employment/Residence Data

When you complete a credit application

Company name, role, salary, dates of employment, bank accounts, income sources, time at residence, information regarding rent/mortgage.