Oil Change Service – Lube, Oil & Filters

When Should I Do a Car's Oil Change?

A vehicle's engine oil primarily used for lubrication. The oil filter traps any foreign particles from causing damage to the engine. When should you change your engine oil? Check your car's owner's manual for the recommended interval to change your oil and filter. The miles you drive, and driving habits affect when your vehicle needs an oil change. You can use the engine dipstick to check the color of the engine oil. Dirty engine oil will be very dark in color due to dirt and combustion byproducts. If the engine oil gets very dirty, it is a high time to do an oil change and oil filter change.

How Often Should You Change Synthetic Oil?

Most automakers, according to Edmunds recommend oil changes at 7,500 or 10,000 miles. Full synthetic oil is highly recommended for your vehicle compared to conventional oil due to its durability. Always refer to your car owner's manual for the type of engine oil to use for optimal performance.

Larry H. Miller Dealerships Oil Services Include;

  1. Brake inspection
  2. Hoses and belts check
  3. Fluid top-up (Brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid)
  4. Oil and oil filter change (proper dirty oil/filter disposal)
  5. Tire pressure check
  6. Steering system check
  7. Suspension check

Where to Get an Oil Change Near Me

Larry H. Miller Dealerships motto is, "Driven by You". Our customers have reviewed all our service departments as the best places to do an oil change. We strive to be the go-to place for all your vehicle service needs. Our certified service technicians have many years of experience working on all vehicle makes and models. Schedule your oil change online today.