In grade school perhaps a math teacher had you use a piece of string to measure around the outside of a circle, then across the middle of it, and divide the two numbers? Depending on how fastidiously you measured, you probably got a number somewhere in the vicinity of three.

We can neither confirm nor deny that we calculated anything near three, on attempting it ourselves.

Pi is notoriously difficult to calculate just by measuring. If you wanted to try, you could probably make the same measurement using your car’s wheels, some paint or chalk, and a measuring tape! Of course, given the tire’s natural squish, your results would be even farther from Pi than ours!

3.1415 are the only digits we’re really worried about anyway. Why? Because in a little over a week, the date will be 3/14/15– the ultimate, 5-digit Pi day!

People, the date will never be Pi to five digits again for another hundred years! So, unless we get downloaded into robot bodies really soon, it will be our only chance to celebrate!

We plan to stuff our faces full of pie, and maybe bring our vehicles in to the Service Department to rotate our wheels and swap out our winter tires.

Come down to Larry H Miller Used Car Supermarket to celebrate those rotating circles on your vehicle!

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