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With the holidays rapidly approaching, many families will be loading up the car, filling up the tank and embarking on a journey on the open road to visit family and friends.  If you’re planning on doing something similar, one of the last things you want to encounter while traveling is car trouble of any kind. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help prevent problems that could put a damper on your holiday spirit. Whether you’re driving just a few hours or a few days, here are a few road trip tips that everyone should check off before making the trek.
·      Check your tires– Remember, your tires are the only parts of the vehicle that touch the ground. Make sure that you check the tread on your tires to ensure that they’ll stand up to any wet or cold weather that you might pass through. Also, be sure to check the inflation levels on your tires, including your spare. Overinflated or under-inflated tires can wear more quickly and unevenly, and can also adversely affect your gas mileage.
·      Get your oil changed- One of the best ways to prevent engine trouble is to change your oil regularly. If you’re headed on a road trip where you’ll be racking up some miles, be sure to bring your car into us and let us help.
·      Top off your fluids- Just like changing your vehicle’s oil, making sure your other fluids such as power steering, wiper fluid, coolant, etc. are adequate is important. Again, all this can be done at your local Larry H. Miller dealership.
·      Load up on snacks- It’s not all about the car, right? Make sure you fill your glove box with your favorite treats to keep your stomach full, your mind alert and the kids happy.
·      Bring a basic repair/tool kit- You never know what you might encounter out on the road. Being prepared with a basic kit of tools and repair essentials will come in handy just in case something does go wrong. Items like a tire iron, chains, a flashlight, first aid kit, gloves, etc. are important. For more suggestions and help with your kit, just ask us and we would be happy to help.
Wherever you’re going this holiday season, be sure to drive safely and have fun. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle and ways to prepare it for an upcoming road trip, come in to your local Larry H. Miller Dealership where our team is ready to assist you and give you the peace of mind you want before your trip.
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