Have you heard the phrase, "keep it running like a well-oiled machine?" In car language that means getting your oil changed.  
A car engine is comprised of many moving parts and regular oil changes are vital for the engine to continue running smoothly. Over time, the engine becomes polluted with dust and debris both from the vehicle itself and from the environment. Not being proactive about routine maintenance can lead to problems that may require costly repairs. 
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Our service department has compiled a list of the top reasons why changing your car's oil is essential to the longevity and maintenance of your vehicle. 
  1. Engine Wear: All of the moving parts that make up the engine move at an extremely high rate of speed. This creates heat, and without oil to lubricate these parts, they quickly break down.
  2. Temperature Control: The heat created by the moving parts is regulated by the oil. Without it, nothing protects these parts from each other and the engine is prone to overheating. Engines are bound to overheat if it isn't changed routinely. 
  3. Sludge: An oil change cleans the engine. Dirt and debris add up over time in the engine, break down, and create sludge. This will cause the engine to corrode. 
  4. Gas Mileage: Proper oil changes improve gas mileage by about 1-2 percent, which seems like nothing. But this is the equivalent to around a tank of gas per year.
  5. Longevity: Routine oil changes will make your car last longer. Changing it on your own can be a time-consuming hassle, but it's a necessary task that must be done. Coming to Larry H. Miller Ford Lincoln Draper will guarantee that your vehicle's oil is changed by an experienced, professional technician. Come see how affordable and convenient routine maintenance and repairs for your car are with us. 
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Still not convinced? 
The average cost of oil changes for a year is around $120, and the cost of replacing your vehicle's engine could be upwards of $4,000. So that small upfront cost far outweighs the alternative of ignoring what your car needs.  If you want your car to last and perform well into the future, it's a no-brainer. Check out our current service specials online and make your appointment today. Your car-and your wallet-will thank you. 
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