The Larry H. Miller Day of Service, an annual event that honors company founder, the late Larry H. Miller, on his birthday.

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Larry H. Miller, who passed away in 2009, strongly supported giving back in the communities where he did business, and lived by the guiding principle to “Go about doing good until there is too much good in the world.”

The Miller family and LHM Group employees continue to carry on Larry’s legacy by volunteering and giving back in the communities where we live and work on his birthday and throughout the year. Since 2010, more than 5,664 employees have donated over 22,656 hours to 92 organizations.

Below are some of Gail Miller’s most formidable quotes about our annual Day of Service:



“The Day of Service is an important event for our family and employees because of the opportunity it provides to volunteer side-by-side in the communities where each of us live and work.

“Among our guiding principles is the desire to ‘Go about doing good until there is too much good in the world.’ By volunteering to serve the needs of others at 48 locations in seven states, we truly see this principle in action.”



“It’s rewarding to see that we have nearly 2,000 employees volunteering in communities in seven states for our annual Day of Service. Our mission is to enrich lives, and serving is just one of the many ways we can work to enhance the quality of life for those around us.”



“I feel that it is very important to support the communities where we live, thrive and conduct business. Our annual day of service enables us to share meaningful experiences with fellow employees and make a difference in communities across the west.”

Larry H. Miller Dealerships was founded upon the values of integrity, hard work, stewardship and service.

Our annual Day of Service does more than honor the memory of a special man who contributed so much in communities across the west; it also provides significant opportunities for us to lend a hand in the cities where we live and work.

This day truly enables us to share meaningful experiences with our fellow employees.

Stay tuned for updates and fun photos from our 2017 Day of Service!
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