Mission & Values

Looking at the ledger sheet only tells half of our story.

Some people may only see the outward aspects of the company: the money, the sports teams, the retail stores, and the other material signs of our achievements. But this company is a labor of love, created by one couple, continued by family, and supported by a group of employees who share the same vision.

Our Mission: To Enrich Lives

We achieve true success when we positively impact our employees and partners, customers and guests, vendors and suppliers, and the communities around us. As we prosper in business, we have an obligation to enrich lives and to make the world a better place.

Our Vision: Be the Best

Our company’s success is based on personal growth and continuous improvement. We believe work should be productive, worthwhile and fun. If we enjoy what we do, we’ll perform better and customers will take notice. That’s why we strive to be the best place in town to work and the best place in town to do business.

Our Values

These are the ideals we try to live by and apply each day:


A working set of principles exemplified by Larry and Gail Miller and shared by all.

Principle 1
Protect the legal, financial, and moral well-being of the company.

Principle 2
Be a student. Be a teacher. Be a leader.

Principle 3
Have a little fun. Make a little money. Take care of the customer.

Principle 4
Remember, our business is a means to an end.

Principle 5
Go about doing good until there’s too much good in the world.