Driven 2 Teach


The Driven 2 Teach program started as a conversation between Larry H. Miller and American author and historian David McCullough in 2007. The two shared their passion for history, as well as concern over how to foster better teaching and greater learning in the classroom setting. The conversation ultimately led to the development of Driven 2 Teach, a program to help teachers improve the way history is taught in our schools. To date Driven 2 Teach has helped over 500 teachers throughout the state of Utah.

Driven 2 Teach is designed to make American history come alive by taking teachers out of the classroom and introducing them to important historical sites all over the country. The hands-on seminars are intended to inform, inspire and support excellent classroom teaching, while simultaneously providing an elevated and enhanced learning experience for students. Past participants have studied in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Virginia, San Francisco, Montana, New Mexico and throughout Utah.

If you are a passionate teacher who really wants to help your students understand the significance of our past and how it applies to our future, we want to hear from you.