Why Sell To Us FAQ

From quality, selection, and service, to an honest, straight forward dealership.

Q: Why should I sell to Larry H. Miller?

  • A: We'll buy your car, even if you do not buy from us.
  • A: We'll match or offer more on your car.

Q: Is it easy or a lengthy process?

  • A: The sale of the vehicle can take as little as 30 min. You will have have a check in hand that day.
  • A: If needed we'll handle your current loan payoff. 

Q: Well how do I know I am getting the best deal?

  • A: We don't haggle on pricing. We have highly trained staff who know the market and can offer the most for your vehicle. 
  • A: You are welcome to watch the appraiser and ask questions. 

Selling your car to Larry H. Miller vs private sale.

Q: Does it save time and money?

  • A: Of course! No payments, no advertising fees,no more depreciation.

Q: Is it safer to sell to Larry H. Miller?

  • A: No meeting strangers at home or a location. 
  • A: We won't change our minds and force the car back to you.

Q: I don't like a hassle. Is it hassle-free?

  • A: No issue with titles.
  • A No issue with funding or financing problems from the buyer.
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